Welcome to Green Fork Farm!

Green Fork Farm is a small family farm in northwest Arkansas.  We provide ourselves and our local community with a source of quality food that is natural, sustainable, environmentally conscious, humane for livestock, and healthy for people.  When we reach a fork in the road, we have a choice.  We choose the Green Fork!

Green Fork Farm ChickenWe offer eggs, chicken, and beef with much better taste, texture, and nutritional value than widely available industrial agriculture products.  We use sustainable methods that are natural, humane, and environmentally conscious.  Our livestock is raised on pasture and supplemented with certified organic grains.  This means that they are free of pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), antibiotics, hormones, and other chemical additives.  We choose livestock breeds that taste good and that are suited to life outdoors on pasture.  And we provide them with a healthy, happy life that allows expression of their natural animal behaviors.

Good for the land, good for animals, and good for people!

In addition to food products, we offer education that promotes self-sufficiency, consumption of healthy food, and development of sustainable food systems.  Our blog, classes and workshops will help you learn how to produce your own food, as well as how to find, buy, prepare, and preserve local fresh foods that are sustainably grown.

We want to help you choose the Green Fork too.




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